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hypernatremia | nursing care plan, management
Hassan Magdy 07 September 2021
Hypernatremia is defined as an increased blood sodium levels > 145 mEq/L, that may happen in relation to water loss or sodium excess. Sod...
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Fluid and Electrolytes Balance & Imbalances nursing study guide
Hassan Magdy 06 September 2021
Water is the primary body component, it measures 50% to 60% of adult body weight. However, these percentages vary with gender, body mass, a...
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Digoxin | Nursing considerations, responsibilities, implications
Hassan Magdy 02 September 2021
Digoxin is a drug that belongs to the chemical class "Digitalis glycoside", it's used to treat arrhythmias, and it's an An...
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Adenosine | Nursing considerations, management and implications
Adenosine is an injectable antiarrhythmic drug indicated for acute treatment of Paroxysmal supra-ventricular tachycardia (PSVT). Action of A...
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Nursing care plan for medication non-adherence in elderly
Medication compliance is a passive act of the patient to follow the providers orders. Medication adherence is defined as the extent to which...
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